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One of the things I started to enjoy while traveling in recent years is discovering street art. While London and Berlin, for instance, are famous for street art, I like exploring less-mainstream places too. Freetown Christiania or Plovdiv street art are great places to visit for street art. Planning my recent trip to Prague and browsing through the best things to do in Prague, I found The World of Banksy Exhibit. I have to say from the start that the exhibition isn’t sanctioned by the artist, but I couldn’t say no to a collection of Banksy art anyway. After all, you don’t get to see a street art exhibit too often.

Art of banksy exhibition - Ikea Graffiti Punk
Isn’t this grand? An image is worth a thousand words, as they say. Banksy mural in Croydon, South London

Banksy Art and the Artist

I won’t go into detail about Banksy and his identity. He prefers to remain anonymous even though he is probably the most famous street artist. There are enough suppositions about who he is, and I am not in a position to make one. And whether it’s for safety (graffiti is still illegal in most places), marketing, or just to be able to have a personal life, let’s respect that wish.

His art is always making a statement. Banksy is protesting through his art against consumerism or politics. His murals are meant to be seen by millions of people and make them meditate about the issues he presents.

Take the piece below, for instance. It’s a simple drawing, yet it says so much! It represents perfectly the attitude we, Europeans, had through the migrants’ crisis recently.

A very powerful Banksy drawing about the people's attitude during the migrants'crisis.
Anti Immigration Pigeons mural in Clacton on Sea, UK, was removed by the authorities.

The World of Banksy Project

This art of Banksy exhibition project currently runs in 5 different cities (early 2022). Each exhibition presents more than 100 Banksy art pieces in a special location. They display original-size mural paintings but also canvases and video installations.

You can find a World of Banksy Exhibition (at the moment) in:

  • Prague – St.Michael church at Michalska 662/29, very close to the top Prague attractions
  • Milan – Galleria dei Mosaici in the Milan Central station
  • Paris – Espace Lafayette at 44 Rue du Faubourg, Montmartre
  • Barcelona – Espacio Trafalgar at Carrer Trafalgar 34 08010
  • Dubai – Mall of Emirates Theater, Al Barsha Sheikh Zayed
Bansky art piece - Season's Greetings at the exhibition of Prague
Banksy’s Season’s Greetings in Wales talks about dust pollution.

The Art of Banksy Exhibition in Prague (2021)

The exhibit is on two floors in an old church building. Each piece matches the original size. Apart from the best-known murals, there are also displays of other types of Banksy’s art. Each piece has a note explaining what it refers to.

It takes about an hour to see the whole exhibition, but it’s not very crowded, and you can extend your visit if you want. You will also find a souvenir shop before you leave.

I must repeat that the World of Banksy Exhibition is not a project in collaboration with the artist or sanctioned in any way. However, for me, it was among the best things to do in Prague. I appreciate Banksy’s work, and it was a great experience to see so many of his artworks in a single exhibition.

Useful info

The exhibit in Prague is open until the end of February 2022. You can visit any day from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. An adult ticket costs 360Kc, which translates to about 15€.

Banksy's sweep it under the carpet street art
Sweep it under the carpet (London) is one of the most well-known art pieces by Banksy.

Final thoughts about the art of Banksy exhibition

There are some issues that I need to say here. Though I enjoyed the exhibit very much, I don’t think such a display should exist without the artist’s consent. Copyright should be established for street art as well. And if I’m willing to pay to see it, the artist should receive royalties. I know there have been some trials on this topic, and it’s not easy to find the border between street art in public places and copyright, but we need to get there.

I’ll end this post with the image of hope.

Hope is one of the most representative Banksy artworks - art of Banksy exhibition.
Banksy Art: Girl with balloon a.k.a There is always hope!

Banksy official website.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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