Brasov is probably my favorite city in Romania. Apart from the many attractions, Brasov has to offer, another reason to visit Brasov from time to time is the food scene. The local Hungarian and German communities contribute with great food options to local Romanian food. So, here is the shortlist of the best restaurants you should try in Brasov.

Best 5 Restaurants in Brasov

Here are my favorite restaurants in Brasov, along with some food recommendations:

La Ceaun

La Ceaun is the place to go for traditional Romanian and Transylvanian food. They have two restaurants, one in Piata Sfatului and one on Weiss Street. I prefer the location on Weiss Street as it’s cozier.

Start with a platter of cold spreads or traditional cheeses and cold meats. I highly recommend zacusca, a spread of slow-cooked vegetables. The soups are also very good and if you want to taste traditional, try the beans soup served in a bread bowl with a red-onions side salad.

Goulash at La Ceaun, one of the best restaurants in Brasov.
Goulash is something between a soup and a stew.

As for mains, along with the traditional Romanian meat dishes, you can also try a selection of pies. Sticking with traditional, the last time I had the sarmale (cabbage rolls with pork meat) served with polenta and cream.

You can't miss sarmale on your hunt for the best food in Brasov.
Sarmale – a traditional Romanian food

One thing is for sure: you won’t leave hungry from La Ceaun. And if you don’t have an appetite, starting with a local spirit like palinka or visinata (a sour cherry liquor) will help.

Food comes quickly at La Ceaun, and if you don’t find a table, you won’t have to wait too long.

Dei Frati – an Italian restaurant in Brasov

Dei Frati is a family restaurant, a few steps away from Piata Sfatului. The two brothers that opened the place worked in Italian kitchens for more than ten years before returning home to open their restaurant.

The restaurant is very popular with locals, which is always a good sign. So if you’re tired of heavy Transylvanian food, Dei Frati is one of the best Italian restaurants in Brasov.

Bistro D’Arte – one of the best restaurants in Brasov

The small bistro in Piata Enescu square is quite popular, so it’s best to book ahead for dinner. The menu varies every day, and the chef always finds a way to update traditional dishes. The burgers here are to die for, and most dishes will have a surprise for you. For instance: the pickles cream, the meat from a jar, or the drunken cherries in the dumplings.

The drinks menu also has something for everyone, from Gin&Tonic options to local craft beer and wine. Bistro d’Arte is also open for breakfast, and it offers some interesting coffee and tea choices.

Bella Muzica

Bella Muzica has been one of my favorite restaurants in Brasov for years. You’ll find it right in Piata Sfatului, and it’s a good idea to book a table for dinner. It’s also a good place for a romantic evening because the cellar location and the candlelight will contribute to the atmosphere.

The restaurant is a mix of Hungarian and Mexican cuisines, which is a somewhat odd combo. However, you can choose the best of both worlds. Start with smoked meat and tarragon soup, then try some fajitas.

If you taste this, you'll know why Pilvax is one of the best restaurants in Brasov.
Smoked ribs and potato salad at Pilvax

Best restaurants in Brasov – Pilvax

Another favorite of mine, Pilvax is a Hungarian restaurant on Weiss street in Brasov. They serve updated Hungarian dishes and the best paprikash I ever tasted. If you make it to dessert, try the somloi cake.

Pilvax is a small place with great food and good service. The wine menu is also impressive, focusing on the same Hungarian and Transylvanian regions.

The best restaurants in Brasov - Pilvax is a sure bet for great food and wine.
If you taste this paprikash and dumplings, you’ll know why Pilvax is one of the best restaurants in Brasov.

I hope you’re hungry after reading this. I have another suggestion: start your day right in Brasov and book a guided breakfast tour.


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Any other restaurants you love in Brasov? Tell me all about them in the comments below as I love to try new places.

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