First, you need to know that Malmo is only 40km from central Copenhagen. The two cities are divided by the Oresund Strait. However, since 2000, they’ve been brought together by Oresund Bridge.

Copenhagen to Malmo transport options

  • Driving – It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Copenhagen to Malmo. Driving on Oresund Bridge comes with a hefty toll, though. It’s a 55€ fee for a one-way pass on the bridge.
  • Train – The train is the most convenient option to travel from Copenhagen to Malmo. A train leaves every 20 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station. The direction you’re looking for is either Goteburg or Helsingborg. A ticket costs around 13€, and you can buy one from ticket machines at the central station or at the airport. Another option is to buy the ticket online from omio.
  • Bus – you can also go to Malmo from Copenhagen on a bus. It’s the cheapest option, and you can buy tickets online from trainline.
Malmo day trip from Copenhagen

Know before you go from Copenhagen to Malmo

You can also catch the train to Malmo from Copenhagen airport. If you have a Copenhagen Card, it only covers transport in Copenhagen metropolitan area. The card isn’t valid for the cross to Sweden.

Border control

Bring your password on your day trip to Malmo. You are crossing a border, so authorities can check your ID.

Also, check the requirements both Sweden and Denmark have for entering the country during the pandemic. A useful tool to sort the documents you need to travel is iVisa.


Denmark and Sweden have different currencies, the Danish krone (DKK) and the Swedish krona (SEK). However, you can easily get around using only your credit card in both countries.

Why visit Malmo

Malmo is an easy day trip from Copenhagen. You can visit two cities in a short amount of time. The two cities are related, as Malmo has been a Danish town for a long time. With this day trip, you can complete your Copenhagen experience while discovering another country as well.

Find out the best things to do in Malmo and plan your perfect itinerary. You will need the better part of the day for your trip to Malmo to see most places in my post. However, you can still get back to Copenhagen in time for an early dinner.


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