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Lately, my idea of a perfect day at the beach is spending time on the sea without getting wet. I’ve been getting increasingly good at that too. Though I usually prefer not to bother the fish on anything motorized, I had to make an exception to be able to circle Diaporos Island on a rental boat from Vourvourou.

Where is Diaporos Island?

Diaporos is a small island in Halkidiki, Greece. It sits close to the eastern coast of the Sithonia Peninsula. The island is covered in pine trees with only a few holiday homes in the hidden bays. There is no ferry or other type of organized transport to the island, so you need to rent a boat to get to Diaporos.

How to rent a boat to explore Diaporos Island in Greece?

The easiest way to access Diaporos is by renting a boat from Vourvourou. In this area of Sithonia, there are plenty of companies offering boat rentals. You will see some of them, plus a lot of signs, on the main road from Ormos Panagias to Vourvourou and beyond. You can drive to Vourvourou from Thessaloniki (about 1,5 hours), or Kavala (about 2,5 hours).

Vourvourou is a long village south of Diaporos Island. Access to the sea is easy here, and you can reach the first beach on the island in a few minutes. We drove down the village and noticed a rental company with plenty of great-looking boats. Yolo. It only took a few minutes and a small advance payment to book a boat for the next morning.

We were there in early June when travel conditions were still a bit uncertain so there weren’t that many tourists. We probably could have rented a boat on the spot, but I recommend booking a few days ahead during the high season.

In the morning everything went smoothly. We signed the contract and had a quick training on how to drive the boat and how to use the engine in shallow waters. They also explain the map in detail, where you can go and where to stay away from.

What to see around Diaporos Island, Greece

A lot, actually. For such a small island, it has lots of beautiful beaches with clear water and golden or white sand.Let me take you around Diaporos, starting from Vourvourou.

Map of Diaporos Island and its highlights provided by the rental company in Vourvourou.
Map of Diaporos Island and the surrounding area

We started on the east side of the island. The first beach, Myrsini, has a tropical feeling because of that white sand. A little further ahead, you will pass through the Blue Lagoon, a strait between Diaporos and Agios Isidoros island. The Blue Lagoon is the most popular spot on the island. The turquoise waters are so alluring that every boat passing through will stop here for a swim and some gorgeous photos.

Boats in the Blue Lagoon of Diaporos Island in Greece.
The water was cold in early June, but there were still a few swimmers in the Blue Lagoon.

Next, you will pass by Cape Karakies and enter a long bay. There are no waves here. You can anchor and enjoy the views, swim, or play with the seagulls.

Two seagulls fighting over some bread in Halkidiki, Greece.

My favorite

One of our favorite spots was Ag. Andreas Beach, a sandy strip at the end of the gulf. The water was crystal-clear, and we had the whole place to ourselves. This is a great place to have a bath, have a picnic on the beach (remember to leave nothing behind) and take a few more photos.

The rental boat on the small beach of Ag, Andreas, Diaporos Island
Taking a break at Ag. Andreas Beach

Alternatively, you can head to the mainland, past small Kalogria island. There are a few taverns that you can access from the sea and leave your boat on the sand right in front of the taverns. Half the customers here come directly from the sea, so the staff will be happy to help you.

On the western side of the island, there are a few more beautiful beaches where you can spend the afternoon before heading back to Vourvourou.

Useful tips for renting a boat in Greece

You don’t need a license to rent a small boat in Greece. However, you can only drive it within the limits they will explain.

Booking is necessary, especially on weekends and in the high season. Booking online is not really an option here. You can find the companies online and call them. Still, I would advise seeing the boats and the meeting place beforehand. There are some places in Greece where you can opt between a fully automatic engine and a semi-automatic. The semi means that you will start the engine by pulling a rope witch is not very easy if you have no experience.

You should also look at the stairs behind the boat. Some of them are really uncomfortable when you want to climb out of the water.

Pay attention

You don’t need any previous experience driving a boat, but you should pay close attention to what they tell you. You have a few minutes to understand how to pull the engine up and when to put it into the water. Also, they will let you know which areas are dangerous because there are reefs and rocks underwater. You don’t want to end up paying for that propeller.

You will get a full tank and a reserve when you leave Vourvourou. It should be more than enough to circle the island. However, keep an eye on the gas level, especially if you drive against the wind for a while.

Last but not least, bring water, snacks, and sunscreen with you. You will likely get a coolbox to keep your water or drinks cold.

Driving the boat around Diaporos Island
Notice my carefully arranged hair 🙂

That’s about it, you’re all set for a fun day on the sea!

If you want to cruise to the Blue Lagoon but don’t want to bother renting a boat, why not take a lunch cruise with GetYourGuide?


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