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Even as the world opens back up, it’s clear that at-home wellness regimens are here to stay. Over the last 16 months, we were forced to adapt our wellness rituals to life at home. And while gyms, yoga studios, and spas are starting to reopen, there are plenty of at-home wellness strategies that will certainly remain a crucial part of our physical and emotional well-being.

A woman wearing headphones and resting indoors

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As you continue to adjust your wellness habits to your current surroundings, we’ve made a guide that will help you curate your at-home wellness rituals, from working out to eating clean to cultivating mindfulness and improving your self-care routine. We’ve brought in experts in the fitness, health, and beauty fields to offer their insight to help you elevate your at-home wellness routine, starting today.

Clean Eating and Nutrition Plans for Those Readjusting Their Diets

Aerial view of Sakara Life vitamins and meals

Credit: Courtesy of Sakara Life

For many of us, the pandemic was a time of nutritional changes – and not necessarily in a good way. The New York Times reported that we gained, on average, two pounds a month during lockdown. And while much of that was a result of being safe (and sedentary) at home, our eating routines were also thrown off balance. To get our eating habits back on track, we consulted Whitney Tingle, co-founder and co-CEO of Sakara Life, a leading nutrition brand that offers plant-rich prepared organic meals, among other products.

Tingle has been trying to get consumers-and the nutrition world-to see the relation between beauty, wellness, fitness, and diet for her entire career. So, to her, it’s gratifying to see the overall wellness industry embrace holistic health in the last few years. 

“Your gut health is the epicenter of health for your overall body,” said Tingle. What you put into your gut can hugely impact your body, your day-to-day energy levels, your skin, and nearly every other aspect of your life.

Tingle shared Sakara’s nine pillars of nutrition, each of which are worth considering as you foray into the world of clean eating. “It’s things like getting enough leafy greens into your diet, getting enough diversity of plant ingredients and eating the rainbow, eating foods that are hydrating-things that don’t show up on your nutrition facts panel.”

Ultimately, Tingle puts a premium on the “power of plants” and encourages conscious consumption. If you’re looking to integrate that energy into your daily diet, these are a few clean eating programs to try on your own.


Sakara is, truly, your field guide to healthy living. From meal programs to vitamin regimens, they offer everything you need to detoxify your body and rejuvenate your mind. Their meal program is all about “clean eating designed for results.” Start with their Signature Program, which allows you to try a two, three, or five-day schedule of healthy and delicious ready-to-eat meals delivered to your door. 

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest makes eating vegan and gluten-free simple with smoothies that come ready-to-blend, and daily meals like soups, bowls, and flatbreads. One of the biggest hurdles to changing your diet is the sheer amount of effort it takes to follow a primarily plant-based diet. Daily Harvest, which delivers weekly or monthly, takes the guesswork and prep work out of healthy eating. You can tailor each delivery, choosing only items that you like and that meet your dietary needs (many of their meals, in addition to omitting gluten and animal products, follow paleo or keto diet specifications). 

Plant Carrot

Welcome to the plant-based version of Blue Apron. Plant Carrot sends home chefs the ingredients and recipes they need to make delicious, plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And you’ll save plenty of time when you don’t have to scour the internet for plant-forward recipes that actually sound appealing. The goal of a Plant Carrot subscription is to help you stick to your vegan diet while enjoying your meals and gaining confidence cooking vegetable-forward meals.

Fitness Platforms to Kickstart Your At-home Workouts

The Technogym MyRun in a home

Credit: Courtesy of Technogym

After a year of investing in our at-home gym set ups, fitness clubs and workout studios are reopening, which begs the question: do we need to continue bolstering our home gyms?

“Home fitness is not a temporary trend, it’s here to stay,” answers Nerio Alessandri, CEO and founder of Technogym. “In the future, people will train at home and at the gym, the same way they go to the restaurant and use take-out delivery.” 

Alessandri feels that at-home workouts and exercise regimens outside the home will work in tandem to help make fitness even more accessible to consumers, after this past year.

“Today, health and wellness have become, more than ever, an absolute priority for people,” says Alessandri. “Figures speak for themselves: due to lack of exercise during COVID-19, 45% of people have gained weight, over 50% report greater stress, and 37% have shown signs of depression.”

One of the solutions is to reintegrate healthy habits into our day-to-day lives. As we return to some sense of normalcy, we may want to pick up the fitness practices we left behind when the pandemic began. However, we also need to give ourselves options and a way to exercise effectively at home. And that’s one of the reasons “home fitness is booming globally,” as Alessandri explained. 

Whether you’re looking for top-of-the-line home gym equipment, or a digital platform that offers daily workouts, these are the biggest trends in home fitness to consider right now.


Fitness sensation obé may be just three years old but the company is incredibly popular thanks to their signature 28-minute (very intense) workouts. The membership gives you access to 100 live classes per week and an on-demand library of even more workouts, including yoga, barre, stretching, cardio, and more. The classes are super fun, and you may even learn a new move or two if you try out obé’s dance sessions.


What started out as Theragun, a game-changing line of “percussive devices” designed to treat your body after a workout, has now become Therabody, a holistic approach to wellness at home. Through the Therabody app, you can take on high-intensity workouts, track your fitness efforts in real time, and get personalized routines that target specific parts of your body. After an app-based workout, and a Theragun recovery, unwind with TheraOne, a line of restorative self-care products, like sleep tinctures or topical CBD creams. 

Studio LB

Studio LB, by fitness professional Lauren Boggi, is a monthly subscription that comes with new seven-day workout programs each week, workout schedules, and SLB’s Quick Burn program. Members can connect with Boggi and the team through the SLB app, where they can also access a full library of more than 700 workouts. Because SLB promotes holistic health, members also get Boggi’s nutrition guide and seven-day meal plan, plus SLB Kitchen recipes each week.


Technogym brings the luxury gym experience into your home via high-end equipment (think: treadmills, rowers, ellipticals, and bikes for cardio, and strength training pieces like their multifunctional bench) paired with a digital platform. Technogym offers a connected fitness experience, giving users access to classes and real-time reporting of their cardio and fitness stats. Technogym Live allows users to work out alongside on-demand training video content on all Technogym’s equipment consoles. It’s an open platform that offers Technogym’s content, as well as content created by fitness clubs, to provide trainer-led workouts, group classes, outdoor virtual training, and entertainment contents. Technogym also operates on an intuitive My Wellness Cloud platform, which is compatible with the most popular fitness apps and devices, including Apple Watch, so users can aggregate their fitness data in one place.

SoulCycle At-Home Bike, Powered by Variis

The SoulCycle bike lets you bring the spin class experience into your home. The state-of-the-art bike lets you tap in (or, as SoulCycle would say, tap back) by connecting you to unlimited classes through the Variis app. Not only does the 12-month Variis membership, which you’ll purchase in conjunction with the bike, give you access to on-demand SoulCycle classes, it lets you stream classes from workout platforms like Equinox and PURE Yoga.

To buy: $2,500 for the SoulCycle at-home bike and $40/month for Variis membership, Variis.com

Spa-worthy Beauty Treatments to Up Your Home Skin Care Regimen

The La Maison Valmont Det02x Pack

Credit: Courtesy of La Maison Valmont

Since March 2020, when seeing an esthetician or a dermatologist was taken off the table, beauty and skin care fans have been honing-and dare we say elevating-their at-home routines. Given the challenge of bringing the facial experience home, consumers have been investing in finer beauty products as a way to curate a luxurious spa experience without leaving the house. 

To guide our search for luxury, elevated at-home beauty treatments, we spoke to Amy Parsons, CEO of Mozzafiato, a retail platform that brings previously unheard of Italian beauty products to the world. Parsons is dedicated to finding storied, heritage products in Italy and bringing the healing elixirs to the U.S.

Parsons says that, throughout the pandemic, people have been able to commit more time to finding the exact right beauty treatment for them. “[People have] had the chance to explore new brands and to find new products and to read the [brand or product’s] stories,” said Parsons. Mozzafiato focuses first and foremost on the ingredients and performance of a product, but they also look for interesting stories and beautiful packaging, because those elements elevate the beauty experience as well. 

She recommends looking for high-performance products, reviewing a product’s ingredients, and even researching or sampling products if possible. Parsons also encourages American consumers to look outside the U.S. and in fact, points out that many of the cult-favorite U.S. brands are actually manufactured in Italy or around Europe. Scouting European brands can be a unique way to elevate your overall experience with beauty products in your home. And finally, Parsons-who loves to find innovative, rarely used ingredients in skin care-encouraged buyers to seek out ingredients that appeal to them, too. Some of her favorite de rigueur ingredients right now are black winter truffle, imperial black bee honey, and black rice. 

Going off Mozzafiato’s insight on how to elevate a beauty routine, here are a few suggestions for face masks and treatments that will help up your at-home skin care routine, and leave you with glowing complexion, even if you skip a few visits to your esthetician. 

La Maison Valmont DetO2x Facial

La Maison Valmont offers a 10-minute facial to deeply hydrate, depollute, and oxygenate your skin. Open the packets of face mask and use immediately-it starts out as a cream, but once applied, the mask produces bubbles on the face, essentially giving your skin an instant shot of oxygen. Each DetO2x packet “strips the skin of urban pollution, tobacco and other aggressors, before imbuing it with clarifying oxygen.” The mask tightens and smooths skin and can reduce skin pollution by 99 percent after first use.

To buy: $170, lamaisonvalmont.com

Guinot Nutrition Confort Mask

The secret of this nutrition mask, used in thousands of spas around the country and in Europe, is the potent blend of oils (rosemary, thyme, and jojoba) that deliver an instant boost of hydration leaving your skin looking brighter, younger, and more plump after only 10 minutes. This miracle treatment also targets fine lines and other signs of aging, so it’s perfect for more mature skin.

To buy: $44, dermstore.com

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

This best-selling natural mask delivers a healthy glow in no time. It is formulated with BHA from white willow bark that deeply penetrates the pores and pomegranate enzymes that remove dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, glowing complexion.

To buy: $65, tataharperskincare.com

Perlier Black Rice Platinum Flash Effect Eye Contour

A treatment recommended by Parsons, this eye contouring beauty solution is made with black rice from iconic Italian brand Perlier. Parsons pointed out that, when looking for luxe European products, the price point isn’t necessarily much higher than what you’d find at a department store. What makes an imported product-like this Perlier treatment-luxurious is that it’s hard to get, often uses superior ingredients, and of course, that it works. This serum combines black rice peptides with egetal biopolymers to heal wrinkles and combat signs of fatigue.

To buy: $53, mozzafiato.com

Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Mask

If you have acne-prone skin or enlarged pores, this face mask is your one-way ticket to clear and smooth complexion. It is a clay-based treatment with blue tansy oil-an ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory and skin-calming effects-that removes impurities and dead skin cells and unclogs pores. 

To buy: $48, dermstore.com

One Ocean Detox Mask

One Ocean is a sustainable beauty brand that formulates its products with powerful, marine ingredients sourced from around the world. This mask purifies and exfoliates the skin at the same time thanks to a blend of blue spirulina algae, marine silt, and coconut shell particles.

The result is pretty impressive-after only 15 minutes, your skin looks brighter, feels softer, and sports a healthy glow.

To buy: $78, oneoceanbeauty.com

Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask

We don’t use the term lightly, but this mask has definitely reached cult status. Thanks to its powerful blend of antioxidant berries and vitamin C, it hydrates and nourishes the skin overnight to give you the glowing complexion of your dreams. If your skin is dull and very dry, use it every night as the last step of your nighttime beauty routine, and you’ll notice your skin becoming not just more plump but also less prone to breakouts.

To buy: $48, sephora.com

La Prairie’s Cellular 3-Minute Peel

This is a quick and effective peel that helps reveal younger cells resulting in skin that is more radiant and refreshed. La Prairie’s peel is easy to apply using the brush that comes with the peel and acts in only three minutes without irritating your skin.

To buy: $250, neimanmarcus.com

Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate Intensive Pore Treatment

For those with uneven skin who just can’t make it to a routine facial appointment, ExfoliKate is the miracle treatment you’ve been waiting for. Kate Somerville accurately calls it “Hollywood’s two-minute facial,” because users legitimately see a difference in minutes. The intensive exfoliant, best left on for three minutes or until it starts to tingle, uses lactic acid, salicylic acid, and silica to chemically exfoliate, and aloe, honey,  and vitamin E to soothe and even skin.

To buy: From $25, sephora.com 

L.Raphael Correcting Mask

This anti-aging face mask delivers younger-looking skin in 20 minutes. Its formula helps the natural cell renewal process of the skin and locks in moisture. Over time, it also helps with collagen production and skin brightening.

To buy: $225, l-raphael.com

Best Meditation Apps to Increase Daily Mindfulness

A laptop and iphone open with the Calm app

Credit: Courtesy of Calm

To deal with anxiety caused by the novel coronavirus, the Harvard Medical School recommends practicing yoga, meditation, and controlled breathing. Whether it’s five minutes or an hour, the benefits of practicing any one of the three have been scientifically proven. These apps will make it easier to incorporate daily meditation into your at-home routine: 


A lot of meditation apps only offer meditation sessions, but Calm takes a more well-rounded approach to your well-being. Calm offers breathing exercises, sleep stories sometimes narrated by celebrities (like Harry Styles), calming music, natural sounds, and exclusive mindfulness classes to help you deal with stress and anxiety by helping you create long-term healthy habits.


Glo is one of the most popular yoga apps right now. Actually, we stand corrected, it’s a yoga, meditation, and pilates app. Glo started out as a yoga studio in Santa Monica, California, by brothers Derik and Ryan Mills, whose goal was to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible regardless of their location.

Now, there are more than 4,000 on-demand classes divided into 16 styles taught by world-class instructors. If that’s too overwhelming, the app will recommend classes based on your experience, style, and teacher preferences. So whether you are a complete rookie or have been practicing for years, there is a class for you on Glo.

Click here to start your 15-day free trial.


Headspace is a community of more than 60 million people all united by their commitment to mindfulness. If you become a member you will get a new meditation session every day and get access to guided breathing exercises and videos that will not only improve your mood and overall well-being, but also help you sleep better.

There is also a ton of useful information on Headspace’s website about how meditation can help you deal with anxiety and stress.

Click here to start your free two-week trial.

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