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If your typical morning involves hopping out of bed and grabbing your favorite men’s commuter bikes for a refreshing early-morning ride, you may be wondering whether certain aspects of your daily routine could be adjusted to help support your biking habit. Having the right routine in place can help give you extra energy during your bike ride. It can also set the tone for a productive and healthy day and keep you healthy so you can continue enjoying your morning bike rides. If you’re not sure what type of routine or morning habits would be best for you and your biking preferences, take a look at some of the best routines for bikers that you may want to consider adopting.

Guest post by Bobby Burgess from sixthreezero

Best Ways To Wake Up

Even if you only ride on comfort bikes for women, you may still want to boost your comfort levels by waking up on the right side of the bed in the morning. You can get off on the right foot first thing if you:

  • Set your coffee machine to automatically begin brewing at your desired wake-up time
  • Get on a regular sleep routine so your body will naturally wake up at your ideal time
  • Avoid large dinners to prevent feeling sluggish in the morning
  • Stay away from screens before bed to help ensure you get plenty of deep sleep
  • Prepare breakfast the night before so you’ll have something delicious to look forward to
  • Swap out your irritating alarm clock for a more pleasant alarm system that wakes you up with nature sounds or classical music
A good morning routine for bikers can go a long way
Image by Fabricio Macedo FGMsp from Pixabay

Morning Routine for Bikers

You may have already looked into questions such as are cruiser bikes good for exercise and researched the best biking gear for your hobby. Other factors can help ensure a successful morning ride. Be sure to:

  • Get some stretches in and consider going for a short walk to get your blood flowing before heading out for your bike ride
  • Eat a reasonably sized yet wholesome breakfast packed with balanced, nutritious foods that can help fuel you and give you energy for the ride
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and make sure to bring layers in case you start to overheat or get cold during your ride
  • Strap on all the necessary safety gear, including a helmet and knee and elbow pads
  • Plan out a safe and timely bike route before heading out and double-check your bike to make sure it’s in good shape
  • Remind yourself of your passion for biking and your reason for going out, whether it’s getting in shape, losing weight, training for a marathon, or picking up a new hobby. It will help you get excited and stay motivated.

Before you gear up for your next morning bike ride, you may want to take a closer look at your routine and adjust a few components for a better biking experience. If you struggle with feeling energetic after waking up for your morning ride, feel sluggish after eating too much or too little before your bike ride, or have other common biking-related issues, these tips could help you smooth out those bumps.

A good warm-up prevents bike soreness.
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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