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One of the places I enjoyed visiting in Copenhagen was the famous Round Tower. It is Copenhagen’s 0 KM, and it’s one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city.

The Round Tower in Copenhagen
The Round Tower in Copenhagen is made of red and yellow bricks.

About the Round Tower in Copenhagen

King Christian IV built the Trinitas Complex in the 17th century. The Round Tower was meant as a University Observatory, forming the Trinitas Complex along with the Library and the church. Its unique feature is the spiral ramp, the only way to reach the tower’s top.

A visit to the Round Tower in Copenhagen

While it doesn’t take long to visit the Round Tower in Copenhagen, it offers a lot of things to see in a compact space. Find all of them below.

The Spiral Ramp

The main attraction of the Round Tower is the unique ramp, spiraling over 200 meters to the top of the tower. It’s easy enough to walk up, on the outside of the ramp on a 10 degrees incline. Tsar Peter of Russia even rode on his horse to the top of the tower. Carriages went to the top on the spiral ramp, as well as bikes, or even automobiles. Every spring, a special unicycle race takes place up and down the Round Tower ramp.

The ramp had a practical purpose too. Its design allowed carrying heavy loads, like instruments for the Astronomical Observatory or carts full of books.

The spiral ramp
The spiral ramp inside the Round Tower

The Library

The Round Tower used to host Copenhagen’s University book collection, over 100,000 volumes. The Library is inside the church’s roof, in the middle part of the tower. Now, the Library space is an open area that hosts exhibits and concerts regularly. It’s an ample, airy space where you can also have a coffee or buy a souvenir.

Exhibition at the Round Tower
There are frequent exhibits in the library space above the church.

The Bell Loft

Above the Library, the Bell Loft is a different, darker space, holding a lot of history. Under the wooden beams, a small display of artifacts talks about the Round Tower’s history.

The view from the top

To reach the deck at the top of the Round Tower, you need to climb a set of narrow stairs. There is a red/green light to manage traffic on the stairs. A small queue forms here from time to time.

The outside platform is about 35 meters above the street. It’s one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Copenhagen. The metalwork around the observation deck is an artwork hiding King Christian IV’s monogram.

View from the top of the Round Tower in Copenhagen
One of the best views in Copenhagen from the Round Tower platform

The Observatory

The observatory at the top of the Round Tower was used by the University until the mid 19 century. Now, anybody can look at the sky through the refracting telescope. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, during the winter months, the Observatory is open for visitors and manned from 18 to 21. You don’t need an additional ticket for the Observatory.

The church

Trinitas church is part of the same complex. It used to be a University Chapel, but you can spend a few minutes inside to rest and recollect.

Above Trinity Church

Useful info about visiting the Round Tower in Copenhagen

The Round Tower is open every day from 10:00 AM. The closing time varies from 6:00 PM during winter to 8:00 PM during the summer months. Furthermore, from October to March, the Observatory at the top of the tower is open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 6 PM to 9 PM.

An adult ticket to visit the Round Tower in Copenhagen is 40 DKK (a little more than 5€). The entrance is also included in the Copenhagen Card. Find out more about current restrictions and safety measures on the official website.

Stick around for some of the best things to do in Copenhagen.


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