Moving soon? The whole process can be quite stressful. Here are the best tips for decluttering your house before moving.

Do you know one way to reduce stress?

Declutter your home.

You may not think that your home is cluttered, but once you start looking, you might be surprised. Chances are, you have a lot of items lying around that you barely use or don’t use at all.

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And since you don’t, you might as well not bring them along for the move, right? Decluttering before moving means you won’t have to pack these items, and your belongings will take up less space. It’s a great decision that will save you time, money, and a whole lot of effort.

best tips to declutter your house

But what items should you get rid of?

Well, this handy guide is for you. We’ll take a look at the typical rooms in a house and various items you likely don’t need to pack. Read these tips for decluttering your house before moving.

Best tips for decluttering your home

The Kitchen

Here are some things you can get rid of in the kitchen:

Sauce packets

You might be bringing home ketchup or other packets from restaurants from time to time. Of course, if you’ve never gotten around to using them, get rid of them. They might be expired anyway.

Broken appliances

Everyone has the urge to keep broken appliances because they might have good parts left. But if they have been sitting in a cabinet for years, they’ll probably just stay on a shelf in your new place.

Kitchen utensils

We all have a collection of kitchen utensils we don’t use or some duplicates. Just keep those that you really use.

Tips for decluttering – The Living Room

DVDs and players

Are you still using your DVD and other players in this age of streaming services? Probably not. Toss them out.


Have you been reading those old magazines lying around in the living room? If no one in your family has looked at them lately, there’s no need to keep them around.



If you have more hangers than clothes, you know what that means. It’s time to get rid of the extra hangers. Trash them or donate to a charity.

Clothes and accessories

If these don’t fit you anymore, donate them to a charity or a thrift store, especially if they’re in good condition. Treat clothes, shoes, and accessories you haven’t worn in a year the same way.


Expired medicine

Your medicine cabinet is most likely full of various medications. Check each bottle for the expiration date and see which ones you can carefully trash.

Toiletries and old cosmetics

If you have almost empty containers of toiletries, like lotion, toothpaste, and so on, don’t pack them. And, of course, throw away old makeup products and other expired beauty supplies.

Tips for decluttering – The Garage

Old cars Do you know the cost of a car transport service? Well, let’s just say it’s very expensive. Why bother spending your money on moving a car that you don’t use or no longer runs? Sell it instead.


Just like in the kitchen, you might be surprised at the duplicated tools. Give them away or sell them before you move.

Ready to get started? The best place to begin is the room with the most unused items. And of course, to lower stress, declutter first before packing for the move. That way, you’re focused on one task at a time. It’s never a good idea to mix the two.

And, finally, be patient. It may take a while, but you’ll eventually finish. Just keep going, and you’ll soon finish and be on your way! So, when you’re done, you’ll be ready to move or start to travel for a while.


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