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You may have heard about a spectacular road in Romania, Transfagarasan. However, the highest thought a lesser-known road in Romania is the Transalpina. It’s a 148 km long road that reaches 2145 meters altitude at its highest point. You can drive above the clouds on Transalpina.

To enter the road, coming from Transylvania you need to go south from Alba Iulia to Sebes and then on Transalpina, through Parang mountain, towards Novaci.

The road starts easily, going through thick pine forests. There are few places to eat or stay in this part of the mountain. If you want to eat before going on the road, Popasul Regal close to Oasa Lake is a good place to have a goulash soup. For a quick snack, you will find a couple of options just by the lake’s side. You’ll probably stop there for some photos anyway.

The road will wind further and climb slowly. There are several places where you can stop for photos along the road. If you plan to stay in the area, you can find accommodation on booking.com in Obarsia Lotrului or in Ranca.

You can even make some friends along the way! 🙂

A donkey is trying to come closer and maybe find some food in the car.
I know you’re gonna love this guy! 🙂

Before you know it, the road will start to climb higher and higher and make way to some spectacular views.

Legends and facts about Transalpina Road

Legend says the road was first built by the Roman legions on their way to Sarmisegetusa Regia, the capital of ancient Dacia. Even the name Transalpina means ‘over the mountains’ in Latin.

Another legend talks about this road being used by shepherds passing from Wallachia to Transylvania every season. Once, one of the giants living on the mountain noticed them and brought one of the shepherds to his fellow giants. They were sitting at a stone table and told him to leave him be, as he was a poor worm of the earth. The villagers named Transalpina “The Devil’s Road”.

Later on, King Carol II, built the road to have it ready for military purposes after WW1. He inaugurated it in 1938 and Transalpina gained another name, The King’s Road. It fell in disrepair years after, until it was finally reopened as a modern road in 2012.

Useful info about Transalpina

Very important: Transalpina road is only open from June to October, the exact dates depending on the weather. Check before hitting the road. Also, you can only drive on Transalpina from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Fill the tank before entering Transalpina, as you won’t have many options out there. Also, bring a light jacket as the weather at 2000 meters of altitude can be unpredictable and the wind is a bit cold even in the middle of the summer.

What is the most spectacular road you’ve ever been on? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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